Arielle is an apprentice bookbinder. She discovered bookbinding in 2015 and joined the Canadian Bookbinding and Book Arts Guild (CBBAG) in 2016. She is currently taking courses offered through CBBAG.  Arielle recently obtained her CBBAG Certificate of Completion, for completing the core courses, in June 2019. Taught under Dan Mezza her instruction so far includes:

  • Bookbinding Level 1*
  • Bookbinding Level 2*
  • Bookbinding Level 3*
  • Introduction to Leather
  • Repair & Restoration for cloth and paper bindings*
  • Protective Enclosures
  • Paper Treatment & Repair*
  • Album Pages & Structures
  • Linocut workshop
  • Finishing*
  • Repair & Restoration for leather bindings*
  • Models of Bookbinding Techniques: Sewing Structures
  • Models of Bookbinding Techniques: Endpapers
  • Cambridge Panel Binding

CBBAG core curriculum courses

Additional workshops:

  • Miniature Leather Books with James Spyker
  • Introduction to Letterpress with Mike Pomeroy
  • Introduction to European Marbling with Nancy French
  • Paste Paper with CBBAG SWO Chapter
  • Safeguarding Cross Structure Binding (CSB) with Stuart Hill
  • Islamic Endbands with Stuart Hill

Arielle’s bookbinding interests are restoration and repair. Along with bookbinding Arielle enjoys writing, her favorite genres include historical fiction and fantasy. Arielle is currently a student working towards her PhD in Library and Information Sciences. Her academic background includes a B.A in English & Linguistics, an M.A. in Linguistics and an MLIS degree. Her interests lie in etymology, slang, and archival sciences.

Current memberships: